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Key Features/Benefits:
Our Innisfree Olive Real Skincare kit is formulated with organic real virgin for all skin types especially sensitive skin for hydrate and brightening skin. 
This special kit include: 
1. Innisfree Olive Real Skin Toner 15ml
It contains organic Olive antioxidant-rich nutrients and vitamins makes  skin moist and absorb immediately.
2.. Innisfree Real Olive Lotion 15ml
Nutritional content of organic olive lotion filled with layer close balrigo with mater matrix technology makes skin more elastic and tight .
3.Innisfree Olive Power Cream 5ml
Organic Olive antioxidant-rich power cream makes skin shine with organic real virgin olive .
4. Innisfree Olive Eye Cream 5ml 
Antioxidants and vitamin-rich organic olive cream make eye are less tiring and reduce dark circle.
5.Innisfree Olive Real Essential Oils x 2 Sheets 
Nutritional restored to focus on the dry skin the moisture derived from 100% natural nutritional oils. 
Directions To Use: 
Take a generous amount after cleansing face and neck gently start from skin olive toner , then lotion and power cream.
Tap eye cream around eye area and putting on essential oils on the face as essence. 

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